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- Local SIM, Remote SIM and eSIM Support
- Remote Network switch
- SIM Profile centralized management
- 4G to WIFI high quality
- Can combin with Voice Service
- Suitable for Offline Shops


- Local SIM, Remote SIM and eSIM Support
- Specific Scenarios requirements
- Chargable Batteries
- Remote Management


- Local SIM, Remote SIM and eSIM Support
- Specific Scenarios requirements
- USB Interface
- Easy to carry
- Remote Management


- Based on MTK67xx Modules
- Local SIM, Remote SIM and eSIM support
- Remote Network Swtich
- Telco PL Management

JOYEGG Features

• Cross-Border touristes and business travellers • Home Office Wifi Share • Corporate secured intra-net access • Network Equipements(ex. SD-WAN) 4G backup

Easy to use

- Simple manipulation, plug&play
- Global Mobile Network , totally 21 Bands supported
- SIM Free locally, Remote SIM provision/downloading
- Local SIM, Remote Cloud SIM and vSIM/SoftSIM are all supported
- No batteries, USB chargers are suitable for fast usage

Flexible Bundles

- Local Network selection at any time
- Competitive price and high reliability
- Customized bundles
- Auto charging rules selection according to destination
- FUP is supported

Variety PL capabilities

- PL portal for device status monitoring
- Device information and Realtime CDRs
- Remote network switch and device management
- Multiple level distributors management
- API available for customer system interface

Powerful terminal capabilities

- Android OS, could be cusomized
- Internet access by WiFi or USB cable
- VPN Share for secure access
- Remote ping&traceroute to evaluate the network quality
- Location by GPS or Radio Station


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