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About Us

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HONGKONG JOY TELECOM CO., LIMITED (JOYTEL) is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for cross-border travel communication needs. Based on the solution of telecom core network - xCloudSIM platform architecture, all-round open sharing (MVNE, MVNO, traffic resources sharing, big data sharing, value-added services), this business is now rapidly expanding.
Facing the trend of SIM-less in the future, we deploy the soft card cloud platform in advance to provide cloud soft card resources and core network docking to improve our core competitiveness. Since 2011, JOYTEL has started its overseas layout. 2014, JOYTEL Korea was established to operate local MVNO business, and in December 2016, JOYTEL Hong Kong started its core network project and officially became FULL MVNO in Hong Kong in 2018.
Currently, JOYTEL SIM cards have covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including Greater China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States and Canada, and have covered major popular travel destinations around the world.
The company has a value-added telecommunication business license, covering domestic Internet virtual private network business, Internet access service business, domestic multi-party communication service business, domestic call center business, and information service business.

Company Development

Since 2005

Joytel History
Shanghai Joy Telecom Founded
Joytel History
1st-tier Reseller Agent under China Unicom Shanghai
Joytel History
Global MVNO Business Initiated
Joytel History
JOYTEL South Korea Granted MVNO License
Joytel History
JOYTEL Hong Kong Created
Joytel History
JOYTEL brand SIM cards on sale
Joytel History
Shanghai Yuhuan Founded to Run Global MVNO Market
Joytel History
Joy Telecom HK Operated as FULL MVNO
Joytel History
Serving more than 6 million+ people, Launch eSIM service
eSIM service has reached 100,000+ per month
Single-day traffic consumption peaks at 100TB+
Global Operations Team

JOYTEL Global Operation Team

JOYTEL(Shanghai,China)Management & Sales

JOYTEL HK Core Network Operation Team

JOYTEL Korea Local Light MVNO team

JOYTEL Taiwan Local Team and Sales

JOYTEL Signapore Local Team and Sales

JOYTEL Malaysia Local Team and Sales

JOYTEL Spain Local Team and Sales

JOYTEL Shenzhen (China) Development team

Core Competencies

Operating Data and Capabilities Showcase

60 TB+
Data Traffic Per Day
1 Million+
Users Totally Per Year
350 +
Global Distributors and Channels
30 +
Entreprise Customers

Global Online Connections

Client Connection Location Overview

Key Figures and Key Features

Data taken from 2023

  • 6Million+ Users Totally Per Year
  • 100T+ Data Traffic Per Day
  • 300K+ Online Users Per Day
  • 50+ Entreprise Customers
  • 400 + Global cooperation partners and distribution channels

Global Partners and Entreprise Customers

Global Partners and Entreprise Customers


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