JOYTEL South Korea Data SIM


  1. Activated Upon Plup-In
  2. Top-Up Days or Top-Up Volumes are both supported for iPhone spanning multiple areas all over the world.
  3. Top-Up is only available for 180 days upon activation.
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Basic information

  • Coverage: South Korea
  • Plan: Daily 1GB/2GB/3GB High Speed data and unlimited 128Kbps data traffic
  • This SIM provides Data ONLY service, Voice&SMS are NOT included.
  • Network operators: SKT
  • Nano、Micro、 Normal All-in-one SIM
  • This SIM is compatible with the unlocked LTE devices. GSM/WCDMA/LTE supported
  • Auto-activation once the SIM is plugged into the device and the activation date is counted as the first usage day.The Calendar Day in TimeZone UTC +08:00 is applied on the validation date.
  • Top-Up is only available within 180 days upon activation. Top-Up Days or Top-Up Volumes are both supported for iPhone multiple areas all over the world.


  • Please insert the SIM into the device to activate upon arrival and wait for 1-3 minutes to surf. Or please reboot the device. Turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming.
  • If the above-mentioned technique doesn't work, please set APN: internet.
  • Note: for phones with two slots, please put this SIM in Slot1

Terms & Conditions

  • Please keep the complete SIM card board for future inquiries.
  • Unused traffic within the validity period of the package will be invalidated.
  • The actual connection speed is affected by various factors, such as the user's location relative to the transmitting station, web server resources and Internet traffic status, the number of users, the maximum network support speed of mobile Internet devices, computer hardware, software and other factors.
  • JOYTEL reserves the right of final interpretation